Our Health Care System – An Insider’s View

Upon completing college back in the early 1970s, I worked for a large department store in NY in the accounting office. Working full time, naturally, I was afforded a company group insurance policy which included health benefits, along with dental, and life insurance. At that time there were no HMOs, nor were there any physicians that did not accept any legitimate health insurance plan. During my childhood, my parents always maintained insurance coverage on both me and my sister through Blue Read more […]

US Health Care is Broken – What is Your Company Doing About It?

We all know U.S. health care is broken. For employers the impact is that employee health care benefits are increasingly and outrageously expensive and are quickly eating away at profitability for most firms. So what is your company doing about controlling health care costs – other than waiting for the slow and uncertain process of government to fix it all for you?Employee health benefits are considered by most employers to be a frustrating but unavoidable cost of doing business. Most employers Read more […]

Pet Insurance – Is It A Solution For The Problem of Rising Health Care Costs?

Despite the untold millions of pet owners in the U.S., a huge percentage of them do not have any form of pet insurance. This is strange when these creatures are treated much like a member of the home and thought of more like children than animals. The average US citizen would not neglect his or her own health insurance needs; when we arrange insurance for every other area, why doesn’t the family pet get insured?Many do not consider this that important a matter. But unfortunately too many pet Read more […]

Why Voluntary Benefits Work for Your Company As Health Care Cost Continue to Rise

These past few years, many small business employers have passed on the rising cost of health insurance to their employees by increasing deductibles and co-payments, and in some cases, smaller employers have dropped their health coverage all together. With the economic times changing, how does the future look for health care cost? Mercer, a human resources consulting firm, predicts that employee health care costs will rise 5.4% in 2012.Health care costs continue to rise faster than inflation. Read more […]